Monday, February 3, 2014

Camera & Editing Apps for My Pictures

This has been the most asked question "What kind of Camera do you use to take your pictures?" or "What apps do you use to edit your pictures?" Well everyone, I finally decided to list all the details here. I get asked these questions so much and I gave up on answering everyone.

Let's get started with the camera. At first I was using my iphone 5 but I hated that it wouldn't capture the details or true color of my looks. I had this camera in my house for a couple years and never paid any attention to it until I finally got frustrated with my iphone 5 camera. I know that other artists
Canon Rebel T1i
capture great pictures with their iphone and great lighting but let me just say that there is no good lighting anywhere in my house. So I finally decided to try out the camera which is the Canon Rebel t1i which is an older model but I think the pictures look amazing. I take the pictures in my room which has horrible lighting but the flash helps out. I also have the settings on close up mode to help capture the details better. I'm going to invest in a diva ring light to make my pictures look even better.

On to the editing apps. Yes, I edit my pictures. I have no shame in admitting that. I like to soften my looks because I'm human and I have pores and imperfections that take away from the looks I create. I also have bad lighting and even with the camera flash sometimes the colors get washed out and the pictures don't reflect what the makeup looks like in person. Using the app morebeaute2 I soften and warm up my pictures.

Picstitch app

To put my pictures in a collage I use the picstitch app. There are several layouts you can use but I recommend upgrading to the pro version. The pro version has more layouts and also allows you to change the borders.

A+Signature App
And lastly, the app for my watermark. I don't want to disappoint you but this signature is custom made. I made it myself using the A+Signature app. This app does have fonts you can use but it also gives you the flexibility of creating your own signature. It is a little difficult because it's a free hand signature on a screen. It probably took me about 4 tries before I got it just how I wanted it.

Hope this helps :-)

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