Friday, February 7, 2014

DIY Bridal Makeup

I hear lots of wedding bells! Spring is such a popular wedding season and I've had so many requests to create another bridal look. For those of you who are daring to do your own wedding makeup, here's a DIY bridal look. I'm a makeup artist but I'm not even sure I want to do my own makeup for my wedding. I want to be stress free and just relax and feel pampered. I know that weddings are costly and many brides are trying to cut down on costs by doing certain things themselves. Bridal makeup can be very expensive and so I understand those of you who want to save yourselves those extra Benjamin bills.

Now feel free to make this look your own. You don't have to follow all these steps. You can customize it to make it more natural or you can even smoke it out even further.

For this look I used shadows from the Lorac Pro Palette that I just got in the mail. I will be doing a review on this palette soon.

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1. Start by priming your eyes using MAC's Painterly Paint Pot or you can use the eyeshadow primer that comes with your Lorac Pro Palette. I've been using this product with my finger to warm up the product and apply it evenly all over my eyes.

2. You all know I love starting with my crease. Take MAC's 224 or any similar blending brush and blend the color Mauve into your crease. The key to a flawless application is to blend.

3. Let's deepen up the crease by taking a smaller blending brush MAC 217 and the color Sable. I'm going to focus this color just in the deepest part of my crease. This next step is optional but if you want an even darker and defined crease take the color Espresso and place it on the outer v and drag it into your inner crease. You can use a more defined brush for this. I normally use MACs 219 brush and I go back in with MAC's 217 to blend everything out.

4. Let's start by brightening up the eyes. Take the color nude and spray it with some MAC fix +. I love using my lid colors wet because I feel like they adhere to the eyelids better and appear more vibrant. Next taking a flat brush or MAC 242 take the color Lt. Bronze. I used it damp and placed it all over the lid. To add more lightness to the lid I applied the color Champagne in the center of the lid.

5. This step is also optional but I added a tiny bit of Black to the outer corner of the eye. You may have noticed that my style has transitioned into a very defined look with a clean sharp edge.

6. You can also exclude the eyeliner if you want more of a soft look but I LOVE thick black matte eyeliner. I used MAC's Blacktrack Fluidline. I would recommend a waterproof liquid liner for a bridal look but most liquid liners are shiny which looks cheap in my opinion. If anyone knows of a good matte waterproof liquid liner comment below. For your lower lash line I recommend using a more natural liner to line the waterline. You cant really tell in the pictures but I used a white eyeliner to open up my eyes and I took some Pewter eyeshadow to smudge it out on the lower lash line.

7. For lashes I used Lepetit Lapin Lashes in the style Babette. These are mink lashes which I love because they look natural and the density is perfect. I would prefer a more natural lash for a bride but not too natural where it's not noticeable. You can use some waterproof mascara to apply to your top and bottom lashes to finish off the look.

Now I didn't post a full face and I apologize. I've been exfoliating my face and unfortunately the first few days have been the worst because I broke out which is normal but you can really play up the look with a fun lipstick and warm blush. This eye makeup is neutral so you can pair it with almost anything. Leave your thoughts and comments below.


  1. Stunning! I've just recently stumbled upon your blog (via Pinterest, actually)... and I'm hooked! You're very talented!

  2. I just came across your blog and I love it. I wish you did videos on these looks. I love makeup but don't really know the process of applying. I know you have the step by step but I love learning by watching the process.

  3. I really love your looks and your written directions sound like an actual person speaking. Very well done!

  4. A great matte black liquid liner is called "schwing" by The Balm cosmetics.

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