Thursday, February 20, 2014

DIY Prom Makeup

Not only do I hear wedding bells ringing but the excitement of senior high school girls getting ready for prom too. Prom is a memorable event for every girl not only because it's the biggest dance of you high school years but the last dance before graduation and life as an adult. I know this year is going to be memorable for me because my little sister is also graduating this year and will be attending prom. She is filled with excitement but it's not because I'm doing her makeup lol. I'm sure she's excited about finishing high school.

When I think of prom I think of glitter, pink, big lashes and just an explosion of fun. I don't know if I'm the only one who has that idea but the last year I went to prom was in 2006 so please excuse me if that's not today's trend lol. I posted this look on my Instagram page a couple days ago and from the feedback I got I convinced myself that I was pretty spot on.

I know prom can get expensive with the dress shopping, the manicure & pedicure, hair up-do, shoes and lets not forget the makeup. So for those of you lovely ladies who want to do this yourself, here are the steps:

1. Prime your eyes with a good primer. I, of course recommend MAC's Painterly Paint Pot especially if you're going to be dancing and possibly busting a sweat lol. MAC's Painterly Paint Pot is pro longwear so it will last you longer than most eyeshadow primers.

2. I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS like to use a neutral transition color even when working with color. I took some Salted Caramel from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette, but if you don't have this then you can use Soft Brown by MAC. I used my MAC 224 brush for this step.

3. Now to add a pop of color on the crease take Makeup Geek's Wisteria to blend this into the crease. If you like the softness of the eyeshadow Wisteria, then you can skip this next step. I love adding a darker crease color for definition so I took Sugar Pill's Poison Plum eyeshadow and blended it using MAC's 217 brush. Poison Plum is a very rich bright purple and will definitely make that crease pop. Make sure to blend.

4. To further define the crease take an angled brush (MAC 266 or 263) and Makeup Geek's Corrupt eyeshadow and draw a line in between your lid and crease. You can also create that line a little higher up if you want the illusion of a bigger lid. Go back in with MAC's 217 and blend that line into the purple eyeshadows from step 3.

5. Next is the messy but fun part. I always like wearing Shadow Shields when applying my eyeshadow. That's how I achieve the crisp eyeshadow line. Shadow Shields are also great when working with pigments or glitter since they tend to have a lot of fall out. Take a flat shader brush (MAC 242) and Makeup Geek's Prom Night eyeshadow and apply it all over the lid. I used this eyeshadow wet to get a more opaque and metallic effect. You can reference to my post on how to use your eyeshadows wet. Once that dries, take Too Faced glitter glue with that same 242 brush and apply it all over the lid. You want to make sure you cover your eyelid entirely so that the glitter can adhere to the entire lid. Before your glitter glue dries, take Makeup Forever's glitter in #13 with that same brush and pat it all over the lid. Make sure to create a sharp clean line right below that cut crease line from step 4. You want a very clean and defined crease.

6. Take your favorite eyeliner and create a cat winged liner for a more dramatic effect. I do recommend using liquid liner because it's easier to cover the granulated texture of the glitter but since I prefer gel liner, I used MAC's Blacktrack Fludiline. Don't forget to line your bottom waterline and smudge some of that Wisteria eyeshadow to blend out the liner.

7. My lashes are from House of Lashes in the style Noir Fairy. I love these lashes!!! The lash band is thicker than most lashes so that's why you want to create a thicker liner. It will help blend the lash band into the liner.

Hope this post will help those of you lovely ladies do your own prom makeup or if you're an aspiring makeup artist and have clients for prom, try this out!!!


  1. Oh gawd!! Can you please do my makeup sometime? :) Wish I was going to the prom

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