Friday, March 14, 2014

Bronzed Eyes & Colored Liner

Wearing neutral shades can get boring sometimes but then again, wearing colored eyeshadows can be risky. If you don't know how to pair your colored eyeshadows, then it's safer to stick to the neutrals. Though there are hundreds of brown shades of eyeshadow, sometimes they can all look the same. I know I have over 50 brown eyeshadows and I always stick to using the same ones. Well guess what? There is an easy and fun way to play with color without worrying if it's too much or if it's going to make you look like you have bruised eyes. Try switching out the same old black eyeliner for a bold and fun colored eyeliner.

Any colored liner will work when you're wearing neutral shades. I love pairing my brown toned shades with a pop of bronze or gold on the eyelids. Throwing on a colored liner makes the eyes pop. Now if you really want to use a colored liner that compliments your eyes, try using a color that is opposite on the color wheel. For example: if your eyes are green, the color opposite on the color wheel is purple. Purple compliments green eyes very well so I would throw on a gold eyeshadow on the lid and a purple colored liner. That will not only make your eyeshadow pop, but your eyes as well. Give it a try.

This is an example of how to pair your neutral shades with a pop of color.

1. ALWAYS start off with priming your eyes. My go to eyeshadow primer is MAC painterly paint pot. You can apply this with a concealer brush or your finger.

2. On my crease I started with MAC's Soft Brown eyeshadow followed by MAC's Brown Script. I used a 224 blending brush by MAC to blend out these eyeshadows.

3. On the outer lid and crease I used MAC's Folie eyeshadow and blended it out using MAC's 217 blending brush.

4. For the lid I used a pigment by Alexa Persico Cosmetics in the color Bronze Baby. To keep it from falling out, I first primed my lid with Too Faced Cosmetic's Glitter Glue. For the application of the pigment I used MAC's 242 brush.

5. Now for the fun part...I used an RC Cosmetics eyeliner brush and a gel liner by Alexa Persico Cosmetics in the color Purple Ink. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this gel liner. Right away it transformed my entire look. On my lower lash line I used the NYX Comsetics wonder pencil in light.

6. The lashes I used for this look are from Le Petit Lapin Lashes in the style Luna. They are so soft, beautiful and light weight.

This is one of my favorite looks that I've created this year. Many people wouldn't think of pairing a colored liner with their eyeshadow but it really looks beautiful. If you don't have any colored eyeliners, don't worry. You can DIY at home by using any colored eyeshadow and mixing it with MAC's fix + or even eye drops.


  1. I would love to see you do a look recreation blog using LaChae Cosmetics!

  2. I use MAC paint pots as my primers too! I use Soft Ocre though because i have darker skin - painterly turns a bit too ashy on me and my peoples LOL